1600mm Melt-Blown Fabric Making Machine PP Nonwoven Machine Production Line

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Spunbond non-woven fabrics are indispensable in spunbond non-woven fabrics. Spunbond non-woven fabrics are formed after the polymer has been extruded and stretched to form discontinuous filaments. The filaments are laid into a net, and the fiber net is broken.

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Self-bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or sluggish reinforcement can make the web into a non-woven fabric. It has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, good efficiency, aging resistance, UV resistance, high stretch rate, strength and air permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, and moth resistance. The main products of spunbond non-woven fabrics are coated non-woven fabrics, polyester (long fiber, staple fiber) and other products. We are more common and commonly used are non-woven bags, non-woven packaging, etc. It is easy to use and easy to identify, because the characteristics of spunbonded non-woven fabrics are many. The level of use can also be made of flower packaging cloth, luggage cloth, etc., anti-wear, good hand feeling, etc., making him a good choice for creating such products.

1600mm Melt-Blown Fabric Making Machine PP Nonwoven Machine Production Line 1600mm Melt-Blown Fabric Making Machine PP Nonwoven Machine Production Line

Nonwoven production line production process

1600mm Melt-Blown Fabric Making Machine PP Nonwoven Machine Production Line

Operation and maintenance requirements of spunbond nonwoven production line

(1) There are many important parts on the spunbond non-woven production line, these parts need to be placed in place after use, and the instrument needs to be zeroed. The spunbond non-woven fabric production line should not be stacked with flammable and explosive materials, and no extraneous debris should be placed on the spunbond non-woven fabric production line. The countertop should be kept clean, and some oil and rust stains should be wiped clean.

(2) The internal mechanical parts of the spunbond non-woven production line are not as good as bearings, gears, etc., which need to be carefully checked during the operation and maintenance process, and to ensure that these parts can operate normally. For some parts that are relatively easy to wear and have failed, they must be mechanically replaced in time. The motors, gear boxes, synchronizing wheels, etc. of the spunbond non-woven fabric production line must be thoroughly maintained, and the circuits and mechanical mechanisms inside must be cleaned and adjusted.

(3) The spunbond non-woven production line sometimes has a lot of faults. Some faults, such as abnormal noises, track jams, etc., can be eliminated by manual operation. For some parts with frequent internal transmission, some lubricating oil can be added to ensure the smooth operation of machinery and equipment.

The above operation and maintenance requirements are very important and meaningful for the spunbond non-woven production line. If you want to process high-quality spunbond non-woven products, a good quality spunbond non-woven fabric The production line is not enough. It is also necessary to comply with the rules of use in the daily production process to ensure the quality of operation and maintenance work. Our company’s spunbond non-woven production line specifications are relatively diverse, and we believe that there is always one that suits you.

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1600mm Melt-Blown Fabric Making Machine PP Nonwoven Machine Production Line 1600mm Melt-Blown Fabric Making Machine PP Nonwoven Machine Production Line

Specification details

S 1600MM 8-200 1500T Diamond, oval, cross and line
S 2400MM 8-200 2400T Diamond, oval, cross and line
S 3200MM 8-200 3000T Diamond, oval, cross and line
SS 1600MM 10-200 2500T Diamond, oval, cross and line
SS 2400MM 10-200 3300T Diamond, oval, cross and line
SS 3200MM 10-200 5000T Diamond, oval, cross and line
SMS 1600MM 15-200 2750T Diamond and oval
SMS 2400MM 15-200 3630T Diamond and oval
SMS 3200MM 15-200 5500T Diamond and oval

Performance characteristics of professional non-woven equipment

The demand for non-woven fabrics in the current market is still very large. How to achieve rapid production of large quantities of non-woven fabrics requires the use of some automated machinery and equipment. Automated mechanical equipment can provide higher output and higher quality for non-woven fabrics. It is very important to use professional-grade non-woven equipment for this. Now many non-woven fabric manufacturers need to use non-woven equipment. of. So what are the performance characteristics of professional-grade non-woven equipment? Let’s take a look at it together.

1. The professional-grade non-woven equipment has been optimized in structure, and it is more compact for the first time. Non-woven equipment can integrate all the tools needed for non-woven processing into one equipment to achieve unified coordination. Therefore, professional-grade non-woven equipment is often small in size.

2. Stable operation is an important prerequisite for ensuring the output and quality of non-woven fabrics. Non-woven equipment that can continuously maintain stable operation can unify the quality of non-woven products and achieve better product price effects. Production plays a driving role.

3. The non-woven equipment adopts aluminum profile frame as the main body, the structure is sturdy and durable, not easy to rust, and has a long service life. It is relatively convenient to install and maintain. Therefore, the experience of using non-woven equipment is quite good. .

4. The automatic control mode of non-woven equipment can realize rapid and batch non-woven production, so it can greatly increase the output of non-woven products, reduce labor costs, and bring higher benefits to the enterprise. .

Professional non-woven equipment with the above outstanding characteristics naturally has a very important position in the field of non-woven processing. If you are engaged in the textile product processing industry, then you definitely need to consider buying a high-quality professional-grade non-woven fabric Spinning equipment. A high-performance automated processing equipment can provide good help for your production operations and help you improve production efficiency. For this, our manufacturer also provides a lot of professional equipment models. If you want to know about non-woven For some basic information about cloth equipment, you can come to our manufacturer to have a look.

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